Love & Energy 5 pack Crystals Pack

1-ROSE QUARTZ- “LOVE STONE “ –Perfect for opening the heart for love &releasing past emotional pain. Help create harmony in an environment or relationship. Clears stored anger. Comforts grief, Encourages self-forgiveness &trust

2-SMOKEY QUARTZ – ‘DISSOLVES NEGATIVE ENERGY’-dissolves away negative thought patterns and anger, for nervous disorders & tension, anxiety fear. For acceptance& to see the joys in life.

3-SODALITE-“CALMS&CLEARS THE MIND”-Eliminates mental confusion, calming of the mind. Enhances communications & creative expression. Installs a drive for truth so you can remain true to self.

4-NEW JADE –‘DREAM STONE&LUCK &PROSPERITY’-Brings about tranquillity &wisdom. Increase love & nurturing of self. Release negative thoughts &awakens the mind. Promotes a long and prosperous life.

5- AMETHYST- ‘SPIRITUALITY &CONTENTMENT’-Bestows stability, strength, invigoration and inner peace. Supports emotional confidence and calmness.

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