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Australian Made and Owned with organic, natural ingredients … CRAFTED BY NATURE!



Our journey began 2019, when my grandson & son had very sensitive skin and suffered from dry skin condition along with eczema, seeing parents trying everything on the market, with no relief of daily pain. Watching the anguish they have on a daily basis, I then decided to make my own products to help those who have the same skin problems.

Spending my youth in the central west of NSW, exposed me to the interest and use of Australian Natives PLANTS. This combined with organic beeswax, honey and essential oils would make for a great skin care range for the body, providing nourishment and moisture to the skin. Beeswax is rich in vitamin A, which helps improves hydration and locks in moisture.

With the information in hand, I crafted our first pilot batches of BeeBoost & Botanicals Balms. My Grandson as my test study case, the outcomes were nothing but remarkable. With the results from my grandson’s improvements with in such a short time, we have decided to share the benefits with those who need soothing from the relentless itch of skin issues, along with those who have general skin dryness.

Our balms are crafted with natural and organic ingredients, the suppliers of our raw ingredients guarantee that they are of highest industry standards that shine through purity and cleanliness, from harvest to retail. Bees are never harmed in any aspect of harvesting for wax or honey.


We promise to provide natural, safe, effective products.

We promise to use ingredients grown in Australia and the rest sourced from Australian suppliers.

We promise our products are tested on happy humans (not animals) and our bees are never harmed in the harvesting process.

We promise to show respect and gratitude for all people, animals, plants and the earth we live on

We Promise to be environmentally responsible


To run a business that is fun, fair and that has integrity and honesty as a core value. BeeBoost & Botanicals is a business dedicated to building the principles of kindness, compassion, and environmental leadership.

To serve our customers as we would serve our family.


BeeBoost & Botanicals aspires to be provider of Natural and Organic products that may aid and sooth the skin of children and Adults, while building awareness of the remarkable effects of Australian Natives and essential oils. We have a plan to develop new products and bring them to market. Products will include a Mum’s + Bub range, Man care range, Sports+ muscle care range and candles.