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Australian Made and Owned with organic, natural ingredients … CRAFTED BY NATURE!

BeeBoost & Botanicals is a family run business that creates hand crafted products, from Australian Bees and Native extracts.
Our balms are made with natural and organic ingredients. Our suppliers of our raw ingredients guarantee that they are of the highest industry standards that shine through purity and cleanliness, from harvest to retail.

Bees are never harmed in any aspect of harvesting for wax or honey.

Thank you for supporting my small business. 

Belly Butter

Belly Butter will nurture and pamper your skin throughout all stages of your pregnancy & post birth.


Soothing Balm is a powerfully brilliant all-rounder, with a gorgeous texture for an easy application.

Vapour Balm

Our Vapour Balm, will have the boost you and your family will need, for when the weather turns cold.